Monday, June 4, 2012

A supporter of the breast density bill called his Assemblyman (Bill Reilich, Republican, Greece, NY), to ask him to support the bill. The office person he spoke to explained why Reilich has thus far not supported the bill:
"...the office of Bill Reilich told me that Assemblywoman Jaffee 'often' won't allow Republican senators to put their names on her bills."
Can we please not hold women hostage as petty partisan political payback for perceived slights? This joint assembly/senate bill is sponsored in the senate by Republican Senator John Flanagan, and could not be more bipartisan. It has numerous co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle in both houses. The bill simply requires that radiologists inform women of their breast density so that women with unreadable mammograms can discuss additional screening options with their physician and have access to additional screening if necessary. Assemblyman Reilich, breast cancer affects women of all political leanings. This is it's not the ideal bill to grind your axe on, so please put it aside and support this bipartisan bill.

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