Monday, June 18, 2012

Bill Will Leave Rules Tomorrow (Tuesday)

 Update: Last I heard: bill is in rules committee right now.

Update from Albany: bill didn't come for a vote today in rules committee, but we have confirmation it will come for a vote tomorrow (Tuesday). After that it will head for the assembly floor.

Had my interview with CBS News today re the bill. Story will run this week. Will keep you posted with airdate and time as soon as I know.

Today I met a relative for lunch who recently asked her gynecologist if she had dense breasts. This relative is a senior citizen. Her gynecologist looked at my relative as if she was in delusion/in denial and replied to the effect that my she was far past the age where she had to worry about dense breasts. If this gynecologist actually looked at the hundreds of mammogram reports sent to her every year by her patients' radiologists, maybe she would know that 1/3 of postmenopausal women have dense breasts.

I could cite countless similar anecdotes of Ob/Gyn ignorance. It's sad that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is expending so much effort fighting this legislation that could be spent educating their rank and file about breast density. It is oft-speculated that concern about liability is what motivates their opposition to the bill (the speculation fueled by the sheer speciousness of their rationales). If that's true, ACOG would far better protect their rank and file through membership education efforts. Unless, of course, they're looking backwards and not forward. Meaning they figure they can't undo the harm they have already done to patients out of ignorance, and their only recourse is to continue to keep their patients more ignorant than they are.

Why else are they going to bat for keeping secrets from patients?

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